207 Park Ave. (in the New Britain Township Building)

Chalfont, PA 18914

(215) 822-2930

(215) 822-7384 Fax




Public Hours:

   Tuesday    11:00a.m.4:00p.m.

   Thursday 11:00a.m.4:00p.m.



 Locked mail box is available for after hours



Real Estate taxes are payable to: Nancy B. Jones, New Britain Twp Tax Collector. 

School taxes are payable to: Central Bucks School District and mailed to Nancy B. Jones


    Cash is not accepted. Arrangements can be made for a cashier’s check if necessary



   There is a 2% discount if real estate and school taxes are paid in the discount period.  A 10% penalty if taxes are paid in the penalty period.  Taxes are considered paid when check has cleared the bank.



New Britain Twp collects a 1.025% earned income tax this is collected by Keystone Collections.                           

Text Box:    
Credit Card Payments Made Online
Now you can pay your Real Estate tax bills from the comfort of your home or office by using our online payment service. Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Discover, American     Express or Visa. A per transaction convenience fee of 2.45% or $3.00 minimum will be charged by the payment processing company for this service.
Electronic Check Payments
Electronic check payments can be made using our online payment service. Payments will be charged to your checking or savings account at your bank. You will need your 9-digit routing number, as well as your account number from your personal checks (see example below). A per transaction    convenience fee of $1.50 will be charged by the payment processing company for this service.

IMPORTANT: When Payment Options appears, click on the "Switch to Pay with Check" link and then continue entering your information.
You will need your parcel number, item number, and total tax being paid.  If a receipted copy is needed you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the tax office along with a copy of your bill.

Current Millages


15Township    12.0625 mills

17 County      23.20 mills

17/18School 124.10 mills


   Fee:   $30.00    


On-line Tax Certification requests not available for this Township  Please Fax Requests



Please remember to inform the Tax Office of any address changes!



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